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How this all got started

As a self-proclaimed cereal entrepreneur, I never have enough to do. Seven years ago, I was A new mother, running my own Vintage event prop company part time and doing real estate full time. I needed to sell large quantities of products, so I could keep my inventory fresh and up to date with the ever-changing wedding industry. I already had a warehouse that I was not allowed to sell out of due to the rules of the PM company I rented from so I had to sell elsewhere. I did not want to have to rent more space from a store and pay more fees, so I had this idea. 



"Why don't we have a market where we can sell our stuff like the farmers market but junk instead like they do back east a couple times a year"? After running the idea by some local business owners and trying to pawn the idea off onto them I decided to do it. 



The first show was small I had a total of 20 vendors including myself. We setup at the Sears Parking lot where most of our foot traffic were locals thinking we were the farmers market. From there we grew little by little each show. Then in the Fall of 2016 something happened, and we literally tippled in size from Spring to fall of 2016. It’s like the world finally caught on. From then on, we have just tried to keep up as the show has just exploded and expanded. I am so thankful for this business that I never anticipated. 

We are now in Tulare and Bakersfield CA. Where we do two shows a year spring and fall.


We are looking forward to the future and growing this amazing business. if you are interested in collaborating with us please feel free to contact us we are always open to new and fun excting things!





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