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Hire us to help you plan your event

Need help creating and hosting a vendor event, I am here for you!

With over 12 years in the event industry I have learned a thing or two when it comes to vendor event coordination. 

Vendor Events

Community Events

Craft Fairs

Swap Meets


These are just a few of the events I have had the pleasure of coordinating. 

Coordinating a community event is a huge task, there is so much more involved then what every one sees on the surface.

The amount of work behind the scenes can be very over whelming for even the most senior organizers. 

With over a decade in the events industry I have learned most the do's and don'ts to vendor events. I have made some very expensive mistakes and have learned a lot in 12 years.

I want to help fellow coordinators like yourself create events that you and your community can be proud of .

Some of the services that I can offer or help you resource are:

Coordinating your event, vendor recruitment, mapping, contracts, insurance, permits, licensing, health department, advertising plans and proposals, press releases, budgets, rentals, decorations, design and moral support.

Not only can I help you organize and create an event I am also here as a professional confidant who you can reach out to when you are struggling and don't know what to do. 

If you would like a proposal of my services please fill out the form below.

I look forward to hearing from you and how I can help.

Whitney Scarbrough

President and CEO 

Rusty Roots Show, LLC.

Sequoia S'mores Co.

Central California Flea Market

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